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TotalCalendar is the complete solution for all of your calendar and schedule needs. TotalCalendar gives you the ability to create multiple calendars (each with their own unique qualities) and allows you to easily share and manage your events online. The ability to allow user accounts lets you have other calendar members help you manage your events, users, style, and much more. A few new key features include:

  • Multiple calendar support
  • Event categories
  • Improved views (month view, day view, and year view)
  • Several new event repetition options
  • Ability to easily change the calendar’s layout, themes, language, date format, time format, first day of the calendar week, etc…
  • Template system to allow you to create and share different calendar layouts
  • Background images can be used in the calendar month
  • Ability to download events in both iCal and vCal formats
  • Ability to “subscribe” to the calendar using client-side calendar applications such as Mozilla Calendar, Sunbird, and Macintosh iCalendar to syncronize with the online calendar
  • Ability to stream information such as Upcoming Events in and RSS feed to share with other sites
  • Ability to connect to an RSS stream and display it in your calendar layout
  • Advanced search options
  • *and many more…

Also integrates with phpNuke, PostNuke, CPG-Nuke, Dragonfly, Mambo, Joomla, Geeklog and more!

Since it’s first release, TotalCalendar has grown into a popular system with a strong user base. As the demand for quality and high functionality rapidly increase in all technology today, we are adapting and expanding TotalCalendar to fit our customers’ growing needs. TotalCalendar promises to be a dramatic upgrade from it’s predecessors. This new version will unveil many new features not previously available in the TotalCalendar family.

For Demo Admin Access
Username: admin
Password: admin

Here are some of the changes/updates from version 2.3:
– Integration with Geeklog
– Configurable number of categories per row in the category key
– Updated FCKeditor to 2.2
– New cache system to speed up the calendar
– Sort option “Start Date” for My Events box
– The new Multi-Box Connecter nuke block allows for display of multiple calendar boxes in your nuke pages.


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