TotalIndex 2.0


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TotalIndex v2.0 is an open source script that is designed to replace the simple, and boring default index page of a site which lists the files in an indexed folder. This script produces a stylish and organized view of the files and folders in an indexed directory. Any folder on your site (including subfolders) can easily be indexed simply by copying a single file to the highest level folder. This script comes with many icons for different file types as well as the ability to easily let the admin add custom icons and file type extensions to the system. TotalIndex comes with many preconfigured style themes to choose from. The script can be installed anywhere on your server and DOESN’T require the use of a database.


— Special Features —

  • Stylish and organized listing of files and folders.
  • Easy to use Administration Area
  • Choice of many different style themes to customize it to your site.
  • Support for many file type extensions and the ability to add your own custom extensions with icons that are not included.


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