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TotalIndex 2.0

TotalIndex v2.0 is an open source script that is designed to replace the simple, and boring default index page of a site which lists the files in an indexed folder. This script produces a stylish and organized view of the files and folders in an indexed directory. Any folder on your site (including subfolders) can easily be indexed simply by copying a single file to the highest level folder. This script comes with many icons for different file types as well as the ability to easily let the admin add custom icons and file type extensions to the system.


TotalCalendar 3.0

Very fast, efficient and easy to use, TotalCalendar 3.0 can connect to Google Calendar, Hotmail Calendar and more. It also allows you to subscribe to calendars from supported calendar clients such as iCal along with many others.

Coming soon. See the demo for up to date progress...


TotalCalendar 2.4

The full calendar solution for your site or organization. Easy management of multiple calendars lets you categorize your events however you want. Includes everything you need to get a calendar system up and running on your website.